eljen drainage cutaway

A septic system is more than just a septic tank—a drain field (leach field, leach drain) connects to the septic tank, removing contaminates and impurites. TenEyck Septic Systems installs both standard drain fields and Eljen™ In-Drain Systems. We build drain fields for both residential and commercial use in Upstate New York, including Saratoga, Schenectady, and Warren Counties.

Standard Drain Field

We build standard drain fields that meet code requirements, and ensure a long-lasting, working septic system.

Eljen™ In-Drain System

Eljen™ In-Drain Systems Require a much smaller installation area than a standard drainfield, and have a lower overall site impact.

Gravelless Chambers

Gravelless chambers can provide an acceptable effluent disposal system for sites with limited space for a drainfield.


Did you know—any type drainfield we install can be configured as a shallow absorbtion drainfield?